Welcome to Our New Blog!

In 2010 we embarked on our new skill-based curriculum and next year we’re going global! Join our class on our learning journey into the rainforests of the world. We hope to use this blog as a tool for learning, sharing and celebrating.  Look out for our first learning posts in January 2012.

In the meantime please visit the links below to see the type of things we will be exploring.



Image: porbital / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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One thought on “Welcome to Our New Blog!

  1. Charlotte Barlow

    I Would Like to say i really like the topic of rainforests and i hope your class really enjoys doing the topic and learning about rainforests. I hope you have as much fun as i did learning about this topic, I won’t talk about it because i want you to find out what i found out. This website is such an epic website i think i will tell my friends to go on it and tell them to leave a reply and let’s hope it’s a good one, although it probally will be. I loved looking at this website and i hope other peope do too!!!

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